How to develop Ruby on Rails with Windows 10’s Linux Subsystem

It has been quit sometimes that Windows developer don’t have an easy way to create Rails application. The most common way is to install Linux Virtual Machine or Docker. In a latest update of Windows 10, It has a new feature called “Windows Subsystem for Linux”. Underneath of this subsystem is Ubuntu Linux. In this article, I will guide you to create the Rails application based on Windows Subsystem for Linux.

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First Impressions of ASP.NET and Visual Studio Code on OS X


At Build 2015, Microsoft has released more tools for .NET developers who own Apple Hardware. I for one love to code in .NET but also enjoy coding Ruby On Rails. In this article, I’m trying to get my first ASP.NET project run on OS X Yosemite.

Installing Mono

The first task is to install the latest version of Mono. To do this I am using Homebrew . If you current have Mono version 3 installed, you might need to force uninstall it first.

To check the Mono version, you can run

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