Generating Android app screenshot with Screengrab

Screengrab is a part of Fastlane. It can help us to generate screenshot with different languages.

Before you use Screengrab, you need to write UI test with Espresso. Because Screengrab capture screenshot through Espresso.

Create simple application are text view and button with two locales English and Thai.



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Testing elapsed time with Espresso IdlingResource

The original blog is Espresso: Elapsed time.

When do you need to write the test that needs to wait, you need to use IdlingResource. Because Espresso does not wait for you.

Create simple elapsed time application, with one button and one text view. When to clicking the start button, the number will run until click stop button.



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Android Push Notification using Firebase


Firebase has tools and infrastructures to build the app. It contains a lot of features, in this blog we will take a look at how to setting up Android application for receive notification from Firebase Cloud Messaging.

If you are using Google Cloud Messaging, Google recommended to upgrading FCM, because FCM is a new version of GCM.


First, go to Firebase console, log in your account then click to create a new project, fill your project name and region.


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Development Workflow using Docker and Docker Compose

Docker Installation

First, we need to install Docker and Docker Compose.

Docker is built on top of Linux container. So, docker can’t run natively on OSX. It’s required a virtual machine for running in OSX. Thanks for Boot2Docker, it’s a Linux virtual machine made for running docker on OSX.

So, there is different between running docker on Linux and OSX.
When running docker on Linux, your machine is both the localhost and the Docker host.

dev work flow

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